Motor vehicle accident reconstruction involves the application of engineering principles to the interaction between the vehicle, the road and the driver. Accident reconstructionists use the relationships between time, distance, velocity, acceleration, mass and force to recreate the locations of vehicles and pedestrians in the moments leading up to the impact.

The determinations of speed assessment, collision avoidance and injury assessment depend on the second by second nature of the accident reconstruction. Expert interpretation of the evidence based on established research and testing is critical.

Our multi-disciplinary Accident Reconstruction Team can provide direction regarding liability and subrogation opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Heavy vehicle accident reconstruction requires specialized knowledge above and beyond typical accident reconstruction, including commercial vehicle design/operation and driving schedule restrictions. Expertise in commercial vehicle examination and strong investigative skills are critical.

Our Accident Reconstruction Team includes commercial vehicle examiners, experienced trucking consultants, road design/maintenance experts and tachometer analysts. Our multi-disciplinary Accident Reconstruction Team has the breadth, experience, expert witness credibility, facilities and industry contacts to handle this fascinating area of forensic engineering.