If the bad faith insurance attorney feels the insurance holder has a strong case, a bad faith insurance claim can be pursued. There are many instances that can involve a bad faith insurance claim, including delaying a claim investigation, not performing a thorough investigation of a claim, delaying payment unreasonably, denying benefits to a claim unreasonably, as well as many other reasons.

There are many situations, which could give rise to a bad faith insurance claim. For example:

  • failing to promptly investigate a claim

  • failing to conduct a thorough investigation

  • misinterpretation of a “word” within the insurance contract

  • delaying payment unreasonably

  • unreasonably denying a claim

This can be a reason for a bad faith insurance claim. The fact that automobiles are defective is also not a basis for denying benefits. A bad faith insurance claim occurs when an insurance company negotiates or refuses coverage, knowing that they should provide it. If you have been taken advantage of or refused coverage by an insurance carrier, we can help.

If you feel you may have been the victim of a bad faith insurance claim denial it is important to contact a bad faith lawyer. The legal specialist will review your case and determine your best options if a strong case is present.

This contract requires that your insurance company acts in good faith toward you. When an insurance company unfairly denies the benefits of the policy from its insured policy holders, it is considered to be in bad faith. Insurance Bad faith constitutes not only breach of your insurance policy contract with your policy holder but also includes injuries personally sustained outside of the insurance contract.