We believe your search for the perfect Insurance expert witness -- or, any other expert you need -- will end with us. Our group of attorneys will assist in finding the right Insurance, expert witness for your case.

A consortium of engineers, architects and safety professionals who provide forensic consulting and expert witness services to attorneys and insurance companies.

Unfortunately, the insurance industry itself contributes to these areas of dispute by not having consistent and universal standards regarding policy language, underwriting practices and claims handling procedures. An expert witness can provide the court testimony as to what the proper interpretation is of policy wording and what constitutes acceptable underwriting and claim handling practices.

If the dispute involves alleged improper claims handling practices, the expert witness should be able to draw upon their overall industry experience -- not just the practices of one insurance company.

No other insurance consultant or expert witness can offer such prompt, credible, and authoritative advice on insurance, insurance coverage, insurance fraud or insurance claims handling questions.